Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heaven's Key

I wonder if I've been good today
I didn't hurt nobodyso why am I afraid to pass away
strange thought I have, as I lay
I have faith in me somewhereand I love Allah
someday I'll spark that fire
I'm going to start now

To change bukan senang . Bukan sekelip mata boleh berubah . It takes time . I did hurt . Dan aku juga perlukan masa . Times to change , be better than now . Decide before 12th hours . Evaporation . Left the bad , evaporates the good one . 

It's getting late now, it's time to rush
If I leave now, I'll have way too much but I'll do what I can 
It's my duty here as a created man
I remember good things from the past and now 
It's time for the future when my time comes at last I  know 
I'm going to be prepared

To left the good or bad things from the past bukannya senang . People like judging . Why and why . They like judge even they don't know the reality . Tapi aku hanya boleh buat apa yang mampu . I'll keep moving to change . Now , I must accept this situation . Either I want or don't want . Sebab tujuan hidup di muka bumi ini , to get heaven's key . Biar sukar travelog dilalui , demi meraih kenikmatan abadi di akhirat . Indeed , Jannah. 

I think to when I was five
and life was so much better
pray with dad and read with mom
memorize until supper
suddenly life hands you more priorities
you think that you can make it on your own
it's time I turned things around
and I can find my faith and do good deeds I found heaven's keys

Zaman childhood memang senang . Zaman yang tak perlu fikir apa yang perlu buat . Everything serahkan kepada parents . This call dunia . Time by time passes . Dan sekarang dah besar . Waktu untuk fikir sendiri . Waktu untuk buat kebaikan . Waktu untuk sempurnakan faith . Waktu untuk meraih cintaNya . Waktu untuk pilih antara Jannah atau Annar . 

Heaven's keys
I dropped heaven's keys
I was born with heaven's keys
I gotta find them again

Ya Allah . Kuatkan hati ini . Kuatkan hati ini bila diuji demgan ujian . Kuatkan imanku . All I need is Allah . No one I can seek a forgiveness beside You .

Everyone born with heaven's key . Only you choose to drop it or keep it .

Dan aku juga dalam proses perubahan . 

Everyone deserve the change before reach 12th hours . Indeed .

Heaven's key 786

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